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About Samuel Phineas Upham

Samuel Phineas Upham holds a degree in philosophy from Harvard University and studied at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In graduate school he studied technical innovation and how it could be encouraged and sustained.  His work resulted in three papers:  “Emerging Scientific Research Fonts,” “Positioning Knowledge: Schools of Thought and New Knowledge Creations,” and “Communities of Innovation: Schools of Thought and New Knowledge Creation.”

Today Samuel Phineas Upham works as an investor at a family office / hedge fund, where he specializes in special situation and PE investing. Prior to this, Phin worked in the Media & Technology group at Morgan Stanley.

Before graduate school, Samuel Phineas Upham worked for United Press International (UPI) in Washington, where he wrote a nationally syndicated column, and the National Post in Toronto.  Samuel Phineas Upham has edited three books including an academic best seller “Philosophers in Conversation,” and has written several published essays related to his research.

Phineas’s volunteering efforts include working an anthropological institute to help spread awareness of South American and Caribbean cultures. He is an active board member of the University of the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology’s Young Friends, where he has served for the past five years. Samuel Phineas Upham is also a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations.