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How to find side length of octagon with diameter

h = (1+√ 2 )s d = (√ 4+2 )s c = (√ 2+ )s a = (2+2√ 2 )s² p = 8s Similarly, s = h/ (1+√ 2) = 0.5 (√ 2 - 1)h d = 0.5 (√ 2+ )h, etc. You can perform these computations using a hand calculator, our online

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Octagon Online Calculator

The Octagon Radius calculator computes the radius of a circle (r) that goes around a regular octagon with sides of length (s).

Regular Octagon

The Octagon Side Length in a Square calculator computes the sides of length (s) of a regular octagon that would fit in a box (square).

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How do you find the side length of an octagon?

Multiply the diameter, which is the perpendicular length between two parallel sides, by 0.414 to calculate a side's length. For example, the diameter measures 5 inches and 5 inches multiplied by 0.414 equals 2.07 inches.

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